Creating a harmonious home environment is just as important to us as creating the perfect wardrobe - dressing and interior design all have a big impact on our mood, well-being and quality of life, expressing our personality, which is why we place great emphasis on both. As part of our series presenting our favorite stores in Budapest, this time a Roomfive's wonderful showroom we went. 

In our ever-changing world, it is becoming increasingly important to have a place where we can feel at home, where our creativity can be fulfilled, and where at the end of a long day we can relax and find the relaxing tranquility that is important to us. Of course, the concept of home means something different to everyone, which is why it is important to be able to create the ideal environment for ourselves, tailored to our own personality. Roomfive's rich collection helps you with this, with a wide range of home accessories, home textiles and cosmetics. 

The name Roomfive comes from the concept of designing the collection: accessories to fit the furnishings of the five rooms found in most homes range from the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room and the children's room to the kitchen. The bright colors and fantastic patterns of elegant and stylish bedroom and bathroom textiles alone define the ambiance of the room, in addition to which you can choose from many European premium brands of accessories and organic body care products, so you can implement a complex interior design concept in your home. 

We are lovers of travel, while we are constantly inspired by different locations, cultures and traditions. We love to mix the different impressions and ideas we come across and inspire them to put together our diverse and eclectic collections for each season. Every year, we select a spring-summer and autumn-winter collection from the offerings of the brands we represent, so we can constantly surprise our customers with beautiful and fashionable novelties every season, ”says Edina and Gábor, the founders of Roomfive.

THE From Roomfive's showroom inability to leave empty-handed, everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect pieces for themselves from the diverse offer!