There is no Women's Day without the NON + collection!

This year we also made a limited number of pieces our Women's Day collection with nine extra shapes!

The pieces of our Women's Day collection this time are made of tabby mauve and salmon colored viscose material for maximum comfort! At the same time, comfort and femininity are not mutually exclusive: this is proved by the loose, sleek and at the same time pretty tailoring lines of the collection.

Our viscose material is a soft fall thin material, we are already preparing it for warmer spring days.

These shades are wonderful in themselves, it's a pleasure to look at them, and they also fit each other super well, so we combined the two materials in two styles.

Our viscose material is elastic, silky to the touch and shiny, softer to grip than cotton, comfortable to wear. Flexible, durable, color-retaining material, does not fluff!

Our Women's Day collection styles are already available in our webshop and in the NON + Showroom, where this week, as usual, on Friday, March 12, we are looking forward to seeing you all between 11.00 and 19.00!

Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Volkov Patrícia - Visage Models
Makeup: Ágnes Pataky
Hair: Camp Kyra