"Your life is a drop in the endless ocean ... But what is the ocean other than the multitude of these drops that some distant unit still holds together?"

Our latest collection, featuring 16 new models, was inspired by the whole motto of the unity of parts, the collaborative colors and geometric shapes. We have chosen a special, nature-friendly textile material for the new styles, which ensures a super pleasant, skin-friendly wear!

"The power of cooperation and the effectiveness of cooperation have not been surprising to anyone so far - although it is a good thing to work, exist and create on an individual level - but if we think about what serves our development the most in today's world, relationships, community and forming a team spirit - it always leads us towards a higher goal. The SYNERGY collection was born along this line of thought, which is one way or another in our everyday lives - it defines our thinking, our feelings, our existence. I would have liked - if you look back - to leave a trace of this period in the collections of NON + as well, in a way that this “spirituality” can be translated into the language of clothes. The whole of the parts permeates the entire collection. The colors, the cut lines and thus the styles - all in the NOW, were born under the influence of SYNERGY.

Looking at the individual pieces, they have to become independent, come to life on an individual level - but if we put the individual models next to each other, they form a whole WHOLE, and even reinforce each other, elevating them to a higher level. The goal in each case was to make SYNERGY work throughout the collection - as it does in life. The NON + models are firmly characterized by restraint, clarity and simplicity without any decoration. There are several levels of this in our daily lives, but we consistently advocate that LESS is MORE. In any case. Words, deeds, deeds - and in our case, the language of clothes. Because the most important things happen inside. An unobtrusive, quiet existence leaves room for our true selves - and the ultimate goal can be to find it. " says Kiss Saci, NON + designer about the new collection.

The basic material of the SYNERGY collection is a high-quality Italian textile called PATTINAGGIO, the name of which means skating in Italian, referring to the outer, almost mirror-smooth “polished” surface of the material. The inner, skin-contacting side of the material is ribbed - cotton.

PATTINAGGIO is a high-quality, medium-thickness spring material that is comfortable, light and natural to wear, perfectly matching the sporty and elegant definition. The composition of cotton + nylon / polyamide combines the advantages of both raw materials: the inner side in contact with the body surface is body-friendly organic cotton, the outer surface is recycled polyamide, which is more weather-resistant, and provides adequate flexibility and faster drying.

The product is already made in the absolute sense of environmental awareness: the production of PATTINAGGIO means 94% less water consumption, 32% less CO2 emissions, 60% less energy consumption and 50% less chemical load for the environment. The polyamide and cotton that make up the material are also biodegradable - this is GREEN FASHION!


Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Kiss Lenke Dalocska
Model: Volkov Patrícia - Visage Models
Makeup: Ágnes Pataky
Hair: Camp Kyra