The NON + BASIC collection is renewed!

It now contains your favorite base styles BASIC collection it changes from time to time to suit the seasonal offerings, as a collection of the most popular base pieces for the current season.

BASIC pieces can be ordered from stock in the future, thanks to which orders will be delivered within a few days!

In connection with the renewal, it is currently in stock BASIC supply styles are available at a super 30-50% discount on our webshop and in the NON + Andrássy út showroom while stocks last!

Here are some SALE popular pieces from the BASIC collection. The complete offer is our webshop BASIC menu item available below!

NON103 Front pocket skirt Instead of HUF 17,900 12,530 Ft

NONPLUSZ BASIC akció - NON103 Elöl zsebes szoknya

NON205 Loose dress with round neck short sleeves Instead of 16,900 HUF 11,830 Ft

NONPLUSZ BASIC akció - NON205 Kerek nyakú rövid ujjú laza ruha

NON106 Rubber waist sleeveless hooded dress Instead of HUF 21,900 15,330 Ft

NONPLUSZ BASIC akció - NON106 Gumis derekú ujjatlan kámzsás ruha

NON287 Loose sackcloth Instead of HUF 27,900 19,530 Ft

NONPLUSZ BASIC akció - NON287 Bő zsákruha

NON281 Triangle pants Instead of HUF 23,900 16,730 Ft

NONPLUSZ BASIC akció - NON281 Háromszög nadrág

NON32 Sleeveless knee-length dress Instead of HUF 14,900 10,430 Ft

NONPLUSZ BASIC akció - NON32 Ujjatlan térdig érő ruha


In addition to the discounted BASIC products, of course, they are still available while stocks last summer Let's Go collection and a limited number of pieces our capsule collection also styles, next to which we give a canvas bag with Let's Go as a gift!

We look forward to seeing you at the NON + webshop and showroom!