THE NON + spring-summer collection it was born in the spirit of dynamism, spectacular contrasts and fresh spring shades. His pieces are energetic and sensitive at the same time, with a definite and sophisticated atmosphere, the more characteristic and restrained styles perfectly complement each other and keep the whole collection in full swing.

There is a dynamic image material for the vibrant theme - this is the need we have expressed, so instead of the more static studio photos for the season, we took pictures with different moods in several locations.  


 THE Let’s go in collection the contrast of strong colors and light, soft pastel shades, the combined effect of the fine geometry of the cut lines forms a harmonious unity. We are looking for a clean background and a minimalist interior for the geometric cut lines. The beautiful bright apartment of Lili and Robi seemed a perfect choice, with white walls, white-painted parquet and a brick wall providing an ideal medium for clothes. 

The delicate pastel light blue color palette of the collection counteracts strong contrasts, and the meeting of slipped pass lines, lines and curves creates an exciting harmony. The second act of photography operates in the Whale Budapest building HYGGE center given the place where we photographed the light pieces in pastel blue and the BASIC styles associated with the collection.  


The whale 's grandiose spaces and special architectural solutions, and the HYGGE their clean, Scandinavian-style interiors are perfectly matched in style to NON +. 

The spring-summer collection Miklós Kiss is a graphic artist it is completed with a vibrant Let’s go illustration that appears on t-shirts, beach bags and, of course, on the already well-known NON + labels, which are renewed from season to season and hide an inspiring message. 


Designer: Kiss Sarolta

Photo: Rácmolnár Milan

Models: Batki Fanni - Attracitve, Szabó Anima, Tenki Réka, Vári Virág - Attractive

Makeup / hair: Zsófi Fülöp

Typography - Let's go: Miklós Kiss

Concept: Hoffmann Petra