First and foremost, pared-down minimalism, moderate palette and comfortable functionalism.


The guiding principles of NON+ link to the creative approach of one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. It is not by chance that the quotation “Less is more” from Mies van der Rohe inspired the philosophy of the Hungarian fashion brand that is a growing success ever since its launch 8 years ago.


Sarolta Kiss, the designer of NON+ started her career as a graphic and interior designer. Her approach characterized by precision and attention to detail makes wearing NON+ a unique experience.


The pieces of the collections tell stories. Each collection emerges alongside a phrase that refers to an important milestone on the designer’s path. With their clear-cut lines and breezy minimalist simplicity the comfortable yet stylish designer pieces claim for timeless presence in the world of fast changing fashion trends.


In addition to the seasonal limited-edition collections the basic-line offers the 120 most popular pieces on a permanent basis. All items can be mixed and matched which holds the possibility of continuous revival.