Black and white – opposites which attract each other, and they symbolize the conscious and unconscious qualities of light and shadow just as well as the soul. They create a state of harmony within each of us. The mood of the NON+ Winter Collection is defined by these two colours with perfect opposites in mind.


The most elegant colours of the holiday season dominate in each item of the NON+ Winter Collection, representing the philosophy of the brand which incorporates minimalism, practicality and comfortable elegance. The monochrome pieces of this collection enhance and complement each other. Either worn independently or in a set, they guarantee the characteristic appearance typical of the brand.


The most outstanding item of the Black & White collection is the feminine, yet comfortable and extravagant large hooded winter coat. Playful extravagance appears in the details of the winter collection: zigzag solutions, rectangular, elongated cuffs, and overlapping tie-belt cuts already well-known from the autumn collection.