NON + Creative Energy Winter Collection

The atmosphere of Far Eastern culture can be seen in action a NON + winter collection in its choice of colors, minimalist design, and sleek cut lines as a continuation of the autumn sets.

As the cold days approached, both our body and soul longed for warmth, so some softness and softness crept into the entire collection. The softness is embodied by the curved shapes and cut lines that appear in places, the softness is brought to life by the delicate, warm winter fabrics and fluffy, soft, velvety embracing cotton.

THE winter collection both the more minimalist, sportier pieces following the BASIC line and the more elegant, extravagant styles can be found. The palette of the collection is characterized by a play of subtle and cool shades.

“The primary consideration in the design was the simplicity and convenience of NON +, as well as the use of playful, extra and surprising tailoring lines here and there. I like to play by meeting straight lines and curved lines, using shifted, sometimes unusual shapes. In terms of simplicity, it is also good to be able to take your minimal thought into a kind of more contingent, yet at the same time aptness, one that is still perfect. It is clean, yet at the same time it triggers something in us that we can identify with - thus spontaneously. Even imperfect perfection, just like our lives. We shape, we create, but it is never perfect. The creative creative energy, the invisible that is within us and becomes visible through us. To man, body and soul. ” -  says Saci about the spirit of the collection.

The clean, unobtrusive, puritanical pieces go well with each other and with previous NON + styles. Their wear is clean and reassuring, the spirit of the collection faithfully represents the basic motto of the brand, the more the principle of less.

THE limited styles of winter collection they will arrive at the webshop and the NON + showroom in mid-November!

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