The values of sustainability, the intention of long-term planning and the pursuit of environmentally conscious operation play a particularly important role in the background of the design and production of NON + products. Throughout our entire workflow, from design to product delivery, we keep these aspects in mind in order to minimize the brand’s ecological footprint and create long-lasting, uncompromising products against crazy changing fashion trends.



The BASIC collection, which defines the character of the NON + brand, has represented a consistent style trend from the very beginning. “Less is more” they follow a minimalist, unified world of form that professes the principle of

Our clothes and accessories are made of high-quality, long-lasting cotton material, not designed for one season, but for years. The OEKO-TEX® certification of the cotton raw material of the garments guarantees that our textiles meet the highest international standards from a human ecological point of view.



It is important for us to support the Hungarian light industry: we manufacture our clothes in a sewing shop in Budapest, where the pieces of our collection are made by hand, with dedicated attention and high quality standards, while ensuring the right working conditions.

We also strive to minimize the waste material generated during production: smaller items (hats, scarves, gloves, headbands and our favorite Maki) are made from our tailoring material residues.


Social responsibility

We also make children's caps and children's clothes from the waste materials created during production, which are offered for children's hospitals, thus supporting children in hospital care. Our current cooperating partners are Bethesda Hospital Foundation, az Guardians Foundation and the Santa's Factory


Packaging and transport

We deliver our products in a paper box, our partners are a dynamically developing, domestically established logistics company in the delivery of orders, who have been helping us to deliver our orders quickly and accurately for years.



When designing our seasonal collections, we like to work with domestic designers and creative creators, thus coloring the visual world of our collections.

Supporting domestic design is our heart's desire - for this purpose we have created our monthly MY + BOX surprise box, in which we hide the small series products of talented Hungarian designers from month to month, it is our secret goal to make them known among NON + customers.

They are also born with the cooperation of domestic designers and are constantly expanding their offer DESIGN + our additional collection some of his pieces as well.

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