Dress Code


There is never a second chance to make a first impression

The image tells without words about the company it represents. It is the same with a well-chosen logo, color scheme and design the appearance of employees is important also, as they are the ones customers meet every day. It is therefore essential that their appearance also matches the spirit of the company and the carefully crafted image.
THE DRESS CODE it offers for this clean, uniqueand literally tailored to your body and image solutions.

Work clothes straight from the runway

Designer of one of Hungary's leading fashion brands - Kiss was brought to life by Sarolta DRESS CODE, with its revolutionary vision of the NON + style rewrites everything we have thought so far about workwear / uniforms.

Quality, comfort, durability

THE DRESS CODE clothes you are free to vary to the specific venue or event, so your staff and hostesses not only look flawless but also have style highlight your brand from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and from competitors.

We are rewriting the rules

Handmade in domestic manufactory sewing shops, wide style and in a range of sizes available DRESS CODE cotton clothes renew our knowledge of stylish image.

2300 versions of success

THE DRESS CODE From 50 models standing, In 47 colors available collection with more than 2,300 variations in total, it makes your brand the next milestone a stylish brand management in his ledger.

Our 210 gram cotton material is flexible, durable, color fast, medium thickness, soft to the touch, matte in effect, and natural to wear. Composition: 95% cotton 5% elastane.

    The dress: a link between the company restaurant and the employee.

    Unique look, distinctive power, image enhancement.


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